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One of my favorite blankets! It’s so fun and colorful with all the patches and logos! I find every memory in every piece of your shirts. This way you have them all in one place! I don’t like making “Square square square”..... I think it’s boring and uninteresting.

So what are YOU doing with those shirts you’ve collected all these years from vacations, concerts, school, events? What are you going to do with your kids shirts from school? All those memories for them wrapped up in one big blanket! What a great gift!!!

Thank you for visiting Isabella Blue!!! I hope you like what you saw! I can help you make those memories unfold!

If you have any questions, please contact me! We can go over just how this process works. It’s very simple. You gather your shirts, throw them in a box, ship them to me, and I’ll take care of the rest. I’ll be in contact with you the whole time sending pictures as I go along! When I’m finished, I send your custom made TShirt Blanket that is uniquely yours!!!

Let’s do this!!!


Renee :-)


Payment due at time of order.

Shipping from United States

All of my items are made to order. I prefer to make my blankets one at a time, to ensure all of my attention is on your custom order....(And to make sure someone elses tshirts don't make it into YOUR blanket! lol) THAT....would be horrible!!! :-)

Every blanket is presented in it's own storage bag. I believe in packaging! It's the first impression and I want to make it a good one! I believe that I do!

It is approximately 4-6 weeks from the time I receive your shirts for the completion of a custom TShirt Blanket. It is always shipped UPS with tracking which takes 5-7 days. If you'd like it shipped faster, there will be an additional charge.

Dog beds take about 1-2 weeks for completion and Collars take about a week to prepare for shipping. These are shipped either UPS or USPS, and they always have tracking.

Isabella Blue Designs does not ship Internationally at this time.


Since all blankets, dog beds and collars are custom made to order, Isabella Blue Designs is not able to accept returns.


Isabella Blue Designs prides itself on uniqueness and quality. It would be hard for you to find any other piece that resembles the individual character that Isabella Blue represents.

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